Why the High Frontier?

Why the High Frontier?

Written in 1976 as a blueprint for expansion into space, Princeton professor Gerard K. O’Neill worked with NASA and other researchers for decades to validate and prove out his plans.

The elegance and comprehensivess of his vision blends together a fundamental optimism about our ability to build and engineer with rigorous planning and analysis to stress test the feasibility of his plans.

Combining space resources and space-based solar power with giant rotating space stations with artificial gravity, his vision brings together all of the fundamental elements of a society as well as an economy in space that feels achievable and feasible in way that makes you question why we didn’t go out and build all of this in the last 40 years.

We believe in this blueprint as an inevitable pathway for sustainable growth for humanity and want to accelerate that critical path as much as possible.

To celebrate that vision and ambition, our first asteroid mission is called High Frontier