We are inventors, designers, engineers, scientists, tinkerers, entrepreneurs, adventurers, artists, activists, global citizens, architects, musicians, builders, writers, athletes and space nerds. We partner with the best minds and most experienced teams across industry and academia, bringing together the knowledge, experience and skills required to navigate our critical path.

We value these principles:

  • Diversity of thought. We believe that different perspectives drive better results. We aim to build diverse teams and a diverse company.
  • Ownership, feedback and accountability. Ideas improve through collaboration, discussion and iteration. Decisions don’t follow the same pattern and revert to the mean when made in a group. We aim to have clear ownership, accountability for results and autonomy to deliver.
  • No silos. We build cross-functional teams to be able to deliver on our goals. There are no predefined lanes for people to operate in, information is pushed out across all teams to make sure we benefit from cross-pollination.
  • High talent bar, no assholes. We optimize for potential and a growth mindset. We value experience, but only when balanced with self-awareness and first principles thinking.
  • Small is beautiful. The best results as well as the best work experience come from a small team of talented people working towards a common goal.

We want to mine space resources from near-Earth asteroids to provide abundant, sustainable energy and resources in space and for Earth.

Our big bet is mining asteroid regolith, to start the flywheel of a cis-lunar economy and to produce sustainable and carbon-free resources and energy for the earth. We believe the Regolith Age, powered by abundant space resources, is an inevitability that we can accelerate.

If you'd like to participate in our mission, please take a look at our current job opportunities.