We are inventors, designers, engineers, scientists, tinkerers, gamers, entrepreneurs, adventurers, activists, global citizens, architects, musicians, builders, writers, athletes and space nerds.

Our team worked on deep space optical navigation, led the production of Falcon 9 at SpaceX, flew the DART spacecraft as it crashed into an asteroid in 2022, built novel lunar landers and designed the missions for OSIRIS-REx and Psyche.

Austin van Camp - DevSecOps

Dale Howell - GNC

Daynan Crull - Co-founder & mission architect

Dianna Velez - Flight Operations

Fiona Boyce - Excavation

Jaylyn Daugherty - Excavation

Jesse Miller - Spacecraft Structures

Kalle Anderson - Optical Navigation

Kursten O'Neill - Program

Lauri Siltala - Research Scientist

Lisa Whittle - Mission Design

Luke Bowersox - Excavation

Melissa Hallam - Operations

Simon Hallam - Excavation & Applied Research

Teun van den Dries - Co-founder & CEO

Will Busacker - Flight Software